• Frédéric Berg. Reporter and trail-runner, his performances include finishing the Diagonale des Fous (three times) and the UTMB (once), plus a dozen ultras.
      contact - fredericberg1 (at)
    • Alexis Berg. Photographer. All the photographs in the book are from his round-the-world trip as photographer for the Ultra-Trail World Tour.
      contact - berg.alexis (at)

    Alexis and Frédéric Berg are the authors of the book Grand Trail, published in November 2015 by Editions La Plage. A long adventure that wouldn't have been possible without:

    • Sébastien Côté. Organizer of Ultra-Trail Harricana du Canada. Co-founder of Grand Trail's project.
      contact - sebastien.cote (at)
    • Eric Laurent. Trail-runner, chairman of "Association Grand Trail". 

     In 2013, the Grand Trail history began with this video.