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"So beautiful book, history about trailrunning, races, athletes and wonderful photos. Thank you Alexis and Frederic Berg for your work! Perfect christmas gift" - Emelie Forsberg 


"I think the final product is excellent, a really well-done piece of art with the fantastic photography and insightful profiles" - Anton Krupicka

" Two brothers created #TrailRunningBible something unreal and what my kids and grandkids will be proud about" - Gediminas Grinius

"Get your book wherever books like this are sold. Seriously Alexis did a great job. And the portrait of Anton Krupicka is a joy to read...and maybe one of the few truthfoolish representations of the man I've yet to encounter. " - Jenn Shelton

"French photographer Alexis Berg has put together an extraordinary 324 page hardcover book of some of the most beautiful ultra photos from 2015. The book features photos and text from 13 races including Western States 100 and Hardrock, 16 runner profiles and 13 thematic chapters (one of which shows stunning black and white before and after photos from Ultra Trail Harricana in Canada). If you are an ultra runner, you will love this book. If you know an ultra runner, this would be a wonderful gift" - Erika Lindland, UltraRunning Magazine